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The prices on these clocks are firm.
The buyer is responsible for all packing and shipping costs.
If you would like to see more detailed photos, those can be emailed to you.
The selection of clocks on this page is only a sampling. If there is a specific clock that you are interested in, email us at clockmkr@acadia.net and let us know what you are searching for and we'll let you know if we can be of assistance.

1880's French Art Nouveau Clock
Size: H=25" W=8" D=8"
Case: Brass
Dial: Brass
Movement: 8 Day
Comments: An Art Nouveau brass ball clock in the French style. The pendulum 8-day, half-hour strike-on-bell, count wheel movement features a Brocot regulator set into a sphere spangled with brass stars and a brass accretion of paired doves. Pierced brass hands are cast in Eighteenth Century French style. The sphere is raised on a brass base of a Putto riding a Hippocampus and blowing Triton's conch shell horn.
Price: $4,500.00 SOLD

Early 19th Century French Mantle Clock
Size: H=13" W=6" D=4"
Case: Original Fire Gilded
Dial: Porceline With Vor. Monteilliet a Marseille
Movement: 8 Day Count Wheel Strike On Bell w/Silk
Thread Suspension System
Comments: This clock is in nice shape and escaped a maid's Brillo. The dial has been retouched around the winding holes. Fire gilding is 90% intact.
Price: $4,500.00

1863 Ansonia 30 hours Steeple Clock
Size: H=20" W=11" D=4.5"
Case: Mahogany
Dial: Painted Metal
Movement: 30 Hour Strike On The Hour
Comments: Overall In Fine Shape
Price: $600 SOLD

1880's French mantle clock with bird motif
Size: H=14" W=7.5" D=5"
Case: Gilded Brass w/Enameled Painting
Dial: Enameled Painting
Movement: 1/2 Hour Rack Strike On Bell By Japy
Comments: Clock was brought to America in 1958 from Ireland by a sailor.
Price: $1,200 SOLD

1870's French Boule Clock
Size: H=14.5" W=8" D=5"
Case: Boulle (tortoise shell) Brass Inlay w/Gilded Castings
Dial: Gilded w/Ceramic Appliques
Movement: 1/2 Hour Rack Strike On Bell By Marti
Comments: Boulle Work Repaired Case Bottom Replaced.
Price: $3,500

1880's 3-piece French gilded
Size: H=14" W=8" D=6"
Case: Fire Gilded Casting w/Porceline Additions
Dial: Porceline
Movement: 8 Day Rack Strike On Gong / Measurements for clock only
Comments: Some gilding has been polished off / No chips or broken castings / Nice condition.
Price: $1,500 SOLD

Pre World War I English fusee ship's clock
Size: H=8" W=8" D=5"
Case: Nickel On Brass w/Hinged Bezel
Dial: Painted
Movement: 8 Day Fusee w/Detatched Lever Escapement
Comments: Nickel polished off in some spots
Price: $2,300

1860's French Lancet - time only
Size: H=7.75" W=5.5" D=2.75"
Case: Mahogany
Dial: Porceline
Movement: 8 Day Cylinder Escapement
Comments: Excellent shape
Price: $475 SOLD

1870 French Provincial Wall Clock
Size: H=15" W=15" D=5"
Case: Oak
Dial: Paper
Movement: 8 Day Time Only Recoil Escapement
Comments: Great shape / No scars
Price: $650 SOLD

19th Century Swiss Desk Clock
Size: H=3.73" W=3.75" D=7.5"
Case: Enamel On Sterling "Plique"
Dial: Porceline
Movement: 8 Day Detatched Lever
Comments: Great shape
Price: $525 SOLD

1880's French Crystal Clock with visual escapement
Size: H=12" W=7" D=5.5"
Case: Brass & Beveled Glass
Dial: Porceline Double Sunk
Movement: 1/2 Hour Rack Strike On Bell By Marti w/Mercury Pendulum
Comments: Most of the gilding has is gone .. Rare Roman Numeral Chapter Ring
Price: $1,800 SOLD

1880's Ingraham Flat Top Adrian
Size: H=10.75" W=17.5 D=6.5
Case: Painted Wood w/Ornate Castings
Dial: Paper
Movement: 8 Day Count Wheel Strike On Gong / Half Hour On Bell
Comments: Case finish has faded to satin finish
Price: $500 SOLD

1840's French Wood Pillar (early third empire)
Size: H=20" W=10.5" D=6"
Case: Mahogany/Walnut Marquetry w/Gilded Ornaments
Dial: Engine Turned Engraved Brass
Movement: 8 Day Half Hour Count Wheel Strike On Bell
Comments: Some nicks & chips but overall good shape.
Price: $1,500

1943 Seth Thomas Time Only Ship's Clock
Size: H=10" W=10" D=3"
Case: Bakelite / Hinged Bezel
Dial: Silvered Engraved
Movement: Seth Thomas Platform Escapement
Comments: Clock in nice shape
Price: $425 SOLD

1867 Ithaca Calendar clock
Size: H=48" W=16.5" D=7.5"
Case: Walnut
Dial: Paper
Movement: 8 Day Time Only w/Calendar Mechanism
Comments: Very rare clock
Price: $10,000

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