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110 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME


"Although it's nice to see you again, I'm really here to see Tyler".

Every year, the summer folks would stop by the shop to visit Tyler. He was a 110 pound chocolate lab who stayed in the shop with me all day and enjoyed greeting customers. I tried to teach him how to fix clocks, but he really wanted to be a watch dog. True to his breed, he'd fetch a stick thrown as far as the eye could see. One afternoon, the captain on a cruise ship radioed the harbormaster that a chocolate lab just swam by with a stick in his mouth heading for Bar Harbor (only kidding).

I never took the time to hunt with Tyler because he was gun-shy. It happened while he was a puppy. We were sitting on the porch during a thunder storm. A bolt of lightning struck my old bulldozer. There was a crack and an instant clap of thunder. From then on, snapping the trigger on to butane barbecue lighter meant thunder and he'd head for cover.

Tyler died in May 2006. He was almost thirteen. I have two labs in the shop, now. Finn is a yellow lab 2 years old and Whiskey is a chocolate lab 8 months old. I know that folks will come to the shop this the summer delighted to see the new dogs, but expecting to see Tyler.