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All cost estimates are based on the type of job, not hours of labor. An estimate for the job is submitted to the customer and "yes or no" and off we go.

Most of the timepieces coming across my workbench need basic overhauls. This includes making tiny bushings (bearings) and dressing pivots (axles). I'm constantly aware that the clock or watch that I'm working on is someone else's treasured possession. Be it a cuckoo clock or a fine bracket clock, the same disciplined work must be executed. It usually takes about 3 weeks to complete a general overhaul. Impossible jobs take longer.

I utilize every talent that I have mastered to run this service business.. Crude stock is fashioned into valuable parts. You can't simply order "part #39" from a catalogue when it comes to restoring an antique clock. A sewing needle, a brass key, a paper clip, a hacksaw blade; even lawn mower engine castings can be utilized to make parts, the drawings of which have long disappeared. Every job is different. Every day presents a new and challenging expectation, from conventional overhauls to intricate turnings, from massive tower clocks to repeating watches.

Routine Service Offerings

Clock and Watch Cleaning
In order to clean a movement, the entire movement is dismantled. Each part is cleaned and the movement assembled again. I don't clean an assembled movement by running it through the ultrasonic cleaning machine. That's like taking a shower with your clothes on.

Clock and Watch Overhauling
A general overhaul includes dismantling the movement, cleaning parts, dressing scoured pivots, and fitting new bushings.

Basket Cases
This kind of challenging job comes across my bench often. Basket cases include grandfather clocks falling over and smashing on floors, cats and kids who yank cuckoo clocks off of the wall, clocks & watches caught in house fires, moving company accidents, etc.

Other custom services include:
  • Gear Cutting
  • Gear Tooth Replacement
  • Pinion Cutting
  • Re-Pivoting
  • Wheel Depthing
  • Escapement Work
  • Jewel Setting
  • Custom Movement Manufacturing
  • Custom Case Making Or Restoration
  • Dial & Hand Making
  • Chime Rod Replacement & Tuning
  • Glass Bending & Beveling
  • Make Castings To Fit
  • Cuckoo Clock Bellows Making
  • Barometer Repair
  • Music Box Repair