Ship Clocks
Clock Lore

110 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME

The Clockshop

It's like entering a Charles Dickens' novel. Be prepared to experience the romance and magic of times gone by. Located downstairs at 110 Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine is Alexander H. Phillips, one of the last clockmakers. This cluttered workshop is filled with antique and new clocks, watches and barometers. Alexander specializes in the repair, restoration and sales of grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, ship's bells and much more.

Antique clocks and watches are simply machines that run to overcome their own friction; but something intangible exists about them. This clock was given as a wedding present during an era when Beethoven composed his Third Symphony. Somebody's great grandfather looked at that watch during the War Between the States. A tower clock was running when Alexander Bell spoke for the first time on his invention. Somebody wore this wristwatch when Pearl Harbor was attacked. This clock was ticking the seconds away when mankind escaped from the gravity of this planet. One must remember that the timepiece being worked on will be passed on to yet another generation.

Folks are digging into grandma's attic, finding treasurers that have been stored there for years. A while back, someone brought in an antique cuckoo & quail clock that needed much repair. Alexander discovered a bullet hole just below the cuckoo's door. Fortunately, the bullet passed through the clock without doing much damage, but the cuckoo bird needed many sessions of psychoanalysis. Alexander's grandfather told him that during the depression in Germany, people were trading carved cuckoo clocks for a loaf of bread. A cuckoo & quail would get you a ring of sausage.

If you have a clock or watch that hasn't worked in days, months or even years, Alexander can get it ticking again. If you are looking for a clock that brings back childhood memories of holidays and grandparents or if you are looking for a clock to start memories of your own, chances are you will find it here.